Fishing Bait

We specialise in:

  • Live sea bait
  • Frozen Sea bait 
  • Frozen Pike bait
  • Skeetex


We keep a wide range of equipment and accessories in stock and we can usually get hold of specific items very quickly. If you don't see what you're after please e-mail us at We will endeavour to respond to all online enquiries within 24 hours. Alternatively, please telephone us on +44(0) 7504 441380. Thank you.


Maddies or sand rag are a matchmans dream, these little creatures are great for snatching small fish out, also a top bait for mullet. They are like very small rag if you have not seen them before and are normally found in creeks and muddy rivers.
Depending on orders, please order early.
If you order at the last minute we may not have any in stock or be to busy with other baits for orders to enable us to get them.
All our maddies are locally dug, so please ring to confirm avaliability if orderering at the last minute.



From £9.00

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