Suppliers of Live and Frozen Baits for over 40 years

Long Long Time

The photo you see of our shop will not greet you as you drive past on Southchurch Road.
From around the 1st December our shop which has been here for over 20 years has been forced to shut.
The ecomonmic climate, less people going fishing, less money and the fact our land lord needs to sell to fund himself some money.
Many of you local anglers know we have a garage round the back of our shop, we will be running our business from there.

The name Bait and Tackle will carry on as we are not closing the business down, just heading down a new road.

However all is not lost, although our freshwater department will be no more.
We are restructuring and concentrating on our core business, the sea side of life.
We will be selling sea tackle to our visiting clients, supplying live and frozen bait to visiting clients.
Our mail order clients will know no difference in ordering and service.
In fact many things will be greatly improved, read further for details.
One of the biggest advantages, which has affected many clients trying to contact us, is that phone avaliability will and is greatly improved.
Our new number is
07504 441380

Please take note of this as our old landline number will cease to exsist soon.
This is going to be one of the improvements as our avalability will be greatly enhanced.
This number will be avaliable from 9am to 7/8pm weekdays.
Also Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.
Sundays from 9/10am to 3/4pm.
Of course the weekends will be liable to change depending on family ties, leave a message and we will try to get back to you as soon as.

Clients wishing to collect orders can collect from our garage or at an agreed time outside normal hours from our home.
Thus giving a great deal of flexability for clients especially those that work during the day and need bait, they can now collect at a more suitable time for them.
At the same time as the restructuring of our business we are updating our web site.
This is taking place now, so hopefully over the next few weeks, you will see a new web site for a new age.
Modern, up to date, slimlined and just as easy to use, with an additional option to pay, to make life easier for our clients.
When all is running well, we will send out a mail to let you know, make sure that you clear any old cookies with our old site embedded in your computer as sometimes that will stop you seeing the new one.
As and when further events happen we will inform you more often by a short mail, so expect to see more mails in your post box with details of what is going on. Please contact us for any information regarding the change over.