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Frozen Hermit Crab
From £3.50

Fresh stocks in for 2022

There are depending on size 4/6 per pack.
We also now have in stock, local hermits in thier shells.
These are packed in 20s, more for the angler who wants to buy in bulk.

You can use a single hermits soft body for flatfish etc, simply sliding it over the hook, or use several bodies and just lightly bind them on with sheering elastic to form a more bulky scent laded bait.
Generally though, bigger fish prefer the whole crab mounted with the soft body near the hook point and the claws bound up the shank of the hook. You can make a bigger bunch up of two or three hermits when fishing deeper water close to rough ground. It may not look very natural, but it catches fish.

You can land several fish on hermit crabs such as flounders, plaice, dabs, whiting, dogs, bass, codling and gurnards will all take single or bunched soft bodies.
They are used with great effect to catch smoothounds from many marks from the shore or boat.