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Lug and rag specials

Lug and rag specials

 Update 25th Sept 2017

PLease ring first for ragworm during the winter months.

Numbers are limited over autumn and winter months and we can not guarentee last minute orders.

For those of you who like a bit of a deal and a bit of both.
The photo shown is for 60 lug and 1/4kg rag.

We have brought a small special offer, in 2 sizes.
100 Lugworm and 1/2kg rag normal price £34.00
Special price £32.00

60 Lugworm and 1/4kg rag normal price £20.50
Special price £19.00

If the weather or tides cause a shortage of one or the other, then we will make up the difference with the other bait.
We we try always to contact you first.

From £19.00

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