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Update Nov 23.

The digging this autumn/winter is very poor.
Please allow time from your order for delivery, it may well not be possible for immediate delivery. 


Lugworm are known in some parts of the country as blow lug. Again weather conditions, tides and stock make availability a problem in the winter months. Size does vary, but we aim to provide the best available at that time.
Please ring first  during the winter months for last minute orders for lugworm. .

PLease do not moan about the size, we do the best we can according to conditions and avlability.

Lugworm are packed in 25's for smaller quantities and 20's for larger orders.

Please if you want your order sent the same day please text, mail or ring to confirm as its not always possible. Due to large volumes of orders, tides or weather.
ALso can you advise us when you want it sent as we use a next day from sending not next day from your order as people order days in advance.